Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Terms Of Use

Thank you so much for stopping by Moki Joe Designs.
Our terms of use are simple. Once a product has been purchased, you may use the said product for either personal or commerical use.
We create our designs to share, and we do not feel a need to enforce harsh restrictions on the use of our products. With that said, you are free to use our products however you choose, provided that you and or your company do not:
1. Sell as either part of a collection, or individually any product found on this site. You and or your company may not assign, license, disclose, distribute, or otherwise transfer or make available any products, in whole or in part, found on this site.
2. You may however use any of our products to create a new product, i.e., digital scrapbook layouts, web pages, web templates so on and so forth for compensation, provided that the product you create does not make accessible any items which you purchased from us, in any manner which may make them reusable by your consumer, i.e., an item may not be made available on it's own layer, or isolated in any way, which would make it possible for your customer to reuse the item you purchased from us.
In simplified terms:
If you are creating something new with our products and not just reselling an item you purchased, then you are abiding by our terms of use. Still have questions about our terms of use? Then feel free to email us at and ask!

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